Disable Auto Withdrawal from Payoneer to Local Bank Account in India

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Hello Team! I receive payments from the US for services provided and I have linked my company's Axis bank with Payoneer. For some reason the payments I receive are automatically being withdrawn into the local bank without my request.

I cannot find an option where I can change the autowithdrawal settings. Can you please help?


  • Hannah_Payoneer
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    Hi there @gayatrisrinivas

    Please note due to local regulations all payments $1 or over to Payonner accounts located in India are automatically withdrawn in 24 hours. We are unable to disable the autowithdrawl.

    If there is anything else please let us know or contact customer care directly and we will be glad to assist

  • cw_7573619
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    Thank you this is the information I have been searching for clarification
  • lakshmi_k
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    Hi payoneer customer service team!

    Payoneer rectified the issue really super fast, and they really value their customers. Thank you so much payoneer you are best 💯