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Add bank account from relative to Payoneer to withdraw money

jorgeparra89 Member Posts: 2
edited October 2021 in Ask The Community
Hello everyone, I recently received a new job offer but the only viable option to receive payments for me at the moment is Payoneer but only if I can add the bank account that belongs to my uncle.

The bank account is from a us based bank and is the one I've been using so far without any issues, but I don't know if I can add the account to Payoneer to withdraw the money if that account doesn't belong to me.

The Payoneer account belongs to be, the bank account to my uncle.

Is this possible? in case it isn't I'm afraid I can't take the job.


  • sayeed7
    sayeed7 Member Posts: 2
    At the time of registration , I use my own name and my own national ID card . But , I have no bank account . I just want to send all the payment to my father's bank account . But the problem is that , at the time of registration , in bank account details section , my name is set by default as a account name .After that , I search on FAQ for solution and I got that , after approve my account , I will add Recipient accounts . So , that's why , I just give my father's bank account number . Remember that , there was by default set my name as account name but I give my father's bank account number . So , after approve my account , I just add a new Recipient accounts . Now , there are two bank account , one is , "Your account" and other is "Recipient accounts" . Actually , I don't need "Your account" . Because , as I said before I just use that to complete registration . I just need "Recipient accounts" account to withdraw . Now my question is , Can I delete my account from "Your account" section ? Because , I just need "Recipient accounts" account to bank withdraw .
  • Hannah_Payoneer
    Hannah_Payoneer Confirm Email, Member Posts: 449 ✭✭✭

    Please note that this service can only be used for business purposes. The service cannot be used to transfer funds for any other reason such as sending money to a friend or family member. In order to begin making payments to your recipient, you must first add the Bank Account details using the Bank Accounts Feature. Once you have added an account, you can begin making payments.

    How to add a bank account to make payments to recipients or accounts not under your personal name

    1. Select Bank Accounts under Settings
    2. Select Recipient bank accounts
    3. Click Add bank account
    4. Fill out the form with the details