Pre-Auth Transaction-POS Signature Purchase expiraion?

YoleiYolei Member Posts: 2
Hi. I purchased an item from Amazon, and for some reason, they created 2 Pre-Auth Transactions for the same item. One was eventually charged, but the second one is still hanging there... (it's been 11 days since).
The problem is I'm using a charged visa card, so it's essentially keeping me from using this sum of money.
How much time does it take for it to expire?



  • Hannah_PayoneerHannah_Payoneer Confirm Email, Administrator, Moderator, VIP Member, Community Mod Posts: 402 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    hi @Yolei to view your pre-auth expiration date you can go to your transactions page and select the relevant transaction and it should appear, if you have an issue finding it please let us know and we will be able to review this for you.

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