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eBay account and Payoneer account address match

Should those two be %100 the same?

Can I use the same Payoneer address for another seller account?

Can I use the same Payoneer account for another seller account?

Can I use a different Payoneer account with the same address and the same surname?

Say my daughter's seller account is suspended, can I open another eBay seller account with a different IP but the same address with the suspended account? 

Or the address I used to verify the Payoneer account and the one I used for eBay doesn't need to be matched. 


  • Hannah_Payoneer
    Hannah_Payoneer Confirm Email, Member Posts: 449 ✭✭✭

    Hi there @thechosenone

    Please note your eBay and Payoneer details must match 100% for the account to be able to be approved.

    It is possible for one household to have multiple Payoneer accounts, as you asked if it is possible for there to be multiple Payoneer accounts with the same address and same surname.

    Here is the Payoneer + eBay FAQ I believe all of your questions should be able to be answered there.

    Unfortunately, I am unable to assist with any of your eBay-specific questions as you would have to contact them directly to know what they allow.

    If you need anything else please let us know!