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Using the Payoneer card for online purchases

mcvmen Member Posts: 2
Hello everyone!
I am already eligible to apply for the card, but I have some questions. I'm in Brazil and I buy products from online stores in the United States and I currently use my credit card in BRL currency. I have a disadvantage when converting currencies in addition to charging fees. The doubts are:

1) When requesting my Payoneer card, will it be for debit and/or credit purchases?

2) I see other card brands (Visa, Mastercard) in online stores; I don't see an option for Payoneer. How can I use it as a payment option for purchases I make?

3) Are there fees for requesting and/or activating the card?

4) Are there any fees for using the card on each purchase made?

5) Are there more than one type/type of card? If so, for my purpose, which is to buy from online stores, which one has the lowest fees?

There are many doubts, but it is necessary to solve them to make everything right.


  • Aleksandra_Payoneer
    Aleksandra_Payoneer Confirm Email, Member Posts: 2,608 ✭✭✭

    Hey @mcvmen !
    Would be help to help you.
    First of all, our cards are debit cards, not credit, This is very important.
    The card processer is Mastercard, don't worry:) You can make purchases with our card same as any other card. It's just you can only use the funds that are actually on the card at the moment.
    There is a commission for activation and maintenance of the card and fees for using it apply as well.
    More detailed information you may find in our Support center and FAQ.

  • ehan2566
    ehan2566 Member Posts: 2
    Very Good work Payoneer.