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How Does A Udemy Instructor Provide An Invoice To Payoneer Verification?

I have been using Payoneer for about 3 years now which started out with Udemy. I have since received funds from other sources which also include Fiverr. Payoneer recently requested I provide an invoice of what my business is about as part of verification. I submitted an invoice I created around a payout Udemy gave me in January. Payoneer said this was unacceptable and implied I am supposed to get an invoice from Udemy. That did not make a lot of sense to me because I would be the one invoicing Udemy and not the other way around so I assumed they wanted some kind of receipt. I went to Udemy support and they made it clear they do not provide invoices for payouts they make to instructors or receipts. When I contacted Payoneer support about the fact Udemy do not provide invoices I was promised some kind of solution but after about a week I was asked for the exact same thing. So I am wondering if there are other Udemy instructors here and how they went about providing an invoice to Payoneer?