Linking the CFSB virtual account to Zelle

Alex_rcpilot Member Posts: 2
Hi, I've done a search in this forum regarding Community Federal Savings Bank and all the previous discussions were focused on linking PayPal. While I'm trying to find out if it's possible to link the virtual account to Zelle. ACH transactions are good, but having Zelle would be even better. I don't necessarily need a set of login credentials at CFSB, whatever backstage magic there is that can get me enrolled with Zelle would be good enough. I can send over my contact phone number for the record if there is a chance. Thanks and best regards!


  • Aron_Payoneer
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    Hey @Alex_rcpilot

    Please note that the receiving accounts are not compatible with Zelle.
    Your receiving accounts can only receive transfers that are initiated directly from the bank.

    Hope this information is useful. You can read more about the receivings account in here.