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Constant Verification?!?!

PissedOff Confirm Email, Member Posts: 2
Why in the name of all that is holy, would I need to verify my Identity and give reasons why I am trading on the internet EVERY time I receive payment. I was FULLY VERIFIED four months ago and even got an email saying that I am verified. I have received successful payments since then, no problem. Yet today after receiving a payment from Amazon, I have now suddenly become magically "unverified" and I need to go through the hassle of resubmitting everything AGAIN!??!! Am I going to have to do this every time I get paid now? What happened to the previous documents I sent?


  • Elena_Payoneer
    Elena_Payoneer Member, Administrator, Moderator, VIP Member Posts: 535 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi there! I understand that providing documents can be challenging sometimes and you are wondering why there is a need to submit additional documents after the account has been already approved. I would like to explain why it happens.

    Payoneer is a strictly regulated entity that operates in compliance with international financial business regulations to prevent any type of illegal activity on the platform. Thus, we reserve the right to ask for additional information at any point of activity on our platform in order to be compliant with the regulations and ensure the safety of our customers. We kindly hope for your understanding in this regard.

    If you need help with providing documents or speeding up the review process, please contact our Customer Support Center. We will be happy to help you!