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My name is Alex and I recently opened up a Payoneer account to use for different purposes such as a way for transfering my money from different websites which I made trades or sales. As I saw on the rules and fees on the website, it says that if my account is active, I would not have to pay any kind of fee, but If I don't make a transaction within 12 months on my account, I will have to pay a 25$ fee.

My question is the following.
Do I need to make a transaction every month to keep my account active or do I can do one within, let's say, 4 months? And If I have to do every month, what is the minimum transaction that I have to do in order to count it as an active account?

I apologise if I made any kind of misspelling in my question, but I have to say that English is not my native language. Also, thank you for taking your time to read this and have a great day! :)

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    Hi @Alexandru !

    We understand that you want to know more about the inactivity fee. If your card has not been used to make transactions or you have not received payments to your account in a period of 12 months, you will begin to be deducted with the inactivity fee. This is counted from the last activity on the account.

    There's no minimum limit for your transactions in this matter.


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    Thank you, Kiara.
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    Very nice i like Payoneer
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    Hi, I recalled there was a fee previously if there is no account activity for 6 months. Or is there not at all?
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    Hey @westbay ! I think our answer above will give you guidance regarding your question.