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hellomarmar Confirm Email, Member Posts: 2
Hi, I'm a newbie!

1. Is there any way a client can pay me via his credit card that is automatically deducted from his card monthly?

2. If I give him the ACH details, can he set up auto-pay by himself monthly as well?

3. Can we create an invoice in payoneer?


  • Kiara_Payoneer
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    Hi @hellomarmar !

    1. Yes, we have a service called "payment request" and your payer can choose to pay with his/her credit card

    2. You'll have to send a request every month, he/she cannot do it automatically.

    3. Yes, this service has an option to generate invoices

    You can read more about this service in our FAQ

  • steveaaroon
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    same question. got the nswer