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If a person sends me payment through ACH to my payoneer. What charges will be deducted on his end?


One of my clients wants to pay me through ACH to my Payoneer account. He's curious about the charges. Can you please tell me if I request a payment from him and he sends it to me via the ACH method so how much fees or extra charges (if any) on that transaction would be deducted on his end?

Please clarify this.



  • Kiara_Payoneer
    Kiara_Payoneer Administrator, Moderator, VIP Member Posts: 598 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @areeb_mumtaz12!

    The fee for using the feature equals 1% for ACH bank debit payments. Normally the sender will be able to choose if they pay the fee, or if the receiver (you) will pay the fee.