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Share my experience with a fraudulent use of my Payoneer card

Douda Member Posts: 3
I'm making this post to share my experience, understand what happened and get tips to avoid it from happening again.

Last Saturday ( Oct. 22) I received a notification from the Payoneer app, saying that my card was charged about -200 usd. I never visited the beneficiary merchant website or even heard of him. And as it was the week end, I had to wait until monday to conctact payoneer.

Monday I contacted Payoneer, they blocked the card and asked me to wait few days until they investigate, they also advised me to contact the merchant to see if they can help.

I contacted the merchant right away (they were super efficient by the way), they gave me the name of the person that used my card and his location (never heard of him, he's not from my country and I never visited his country). In short, they canceled the transaction and they refunded my money. And this morning I received my money back.

I got lucky that I got my money back, I read that some people had bad experience regarding fraudulent use of their cards and they never got refunded, so I want to understand how this happened to protect myself in the future. I want to mention that:

1- I've never ever used my card in an ATM or a POS machine, as a matter of fact I never took it out of my house. I only use it to pay online.

2- I've never used it in sketchy websites, I only buy from big companies like Amazon, Aliexpress, Google play etc

3- I have the two-step verification active (never got the message to confirm the transaction)

I would really appreciate if a tech savvy person can explain to me how my data has been hacked.