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Are Payments Made to Wrong Bank Accounts Refunded/Credited?

Gloria_M Confirm Email, Member Posts: 2
I made a payment to an erroneous Bank account. Payoneer customer care informed me that the Bank cancels such transaction. However, the recipient's Bank clarified that they have no record of such transaction & thus, they cannot cancel or check status of a non-existent transaction. I'm wondering what happens in such situation where an approved transaction never reached the recipient's Bank or any Reciever's bank


  • Kiara_Payoneer
    Kiara_Payoneer Administrator, Moderator, VIP Member Posts: 598 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Gloria_M , when a payment is sent to a bank account with incorrect details, the payment is rejected by the bank and reversed back. This generally takes up to 14 business days.

    For particular cases I recommend contacting our Customer Support Center or you can also contact them on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

  • bitjay
    bitjay Confirm Email, Member Posts: 3
    Pls did you receive the payment