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How to verify my account as a Syrian refugee living in Turkey?


I'm a Fiverr freelancer and I use Payoneer to receive my earnings.
I've been using Payoneer without issues since March this year, but recently once I ordered my virtual Payoneer card, I was asked to provide additional verification documents.
The problem is, no kind of ID document I have seems to be accepted by Payoneer. I tried sending all kinds of documents I have and eventually my account got blocked...

I'm a Syrian refugee living in Turkey (I don't have Turkish citizenship). Let me explain what kinds of ID documents I've sent:
1. I have the so-called "Temporary protection identification document" ("Geçici Koruma Kimlik Belgesi" in Turkish). I sent this document but the approval team informed me it's not accepted.
2. I tried sending a Syrian passport. It was rejected as no kind of Syrian document is accepted due to sanctions.

I believe it was after I sent my Syrian passport that my account was suspended.

I've been contacting you via email and the live chat for a month now (I have about ~40 emails Payoneer-related in my inbox), but unfortunately I didn't get the help I wanted. I mostly got responses repeating the same text about the 3 types of acceptable forms of ID and some of your employees asking me to submit the same documents again...
I need my account urgently to be able to withdraw my earnings. I depend on them to support myself and family.
I still have about $300 in my account that I can't withdraw. I asked your support agents for a way to allow me to withdraw the funds to my registered bank account at least, regardless of whether my account is verified or not. It seems I can't have that. I think locking my funds this way is unacceptable, especially given that I'd already used my account to withdraw money without issues and you didn't raise verification issues with my account before I oredered my virtual card.


  • Kiara_Payoneer
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    Hi @abdnh,

    We are sincerely sorry to hear this, according to US regulations in regard to OFAC we are only limited with certain ID's.

    Kindly contact us via our official channels and we will be having to provide you with full details.

    Please accept our apologies and thank you for reaching out.