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Hi there,
I am Freelancer based in India who provides services in USA. I am new to Payoneer and have some concerns as follows:
1. Can I disable the auto withdrawal from Payoneer account to India Bank Account?
If yes, how can I do that?
If no, can I transfer the USD amount available in Payoneer account in USD to US bank account or not?
2. What are the fees/charges if client sends $100 (for example) "through wire transfer" to me. How much amount will I receive in Indian bank account if market conversion rate is Rs. 80 (1 USD to INR) by giving the breakup of the charges?
3. Are there any annual maintenance charges for the Payoneer account? I have just registered with the new account and hope you could help me with these issues to get me going with your services.


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    Hi @Gulabben ,

    First of all, welcome to Payoneer, we are happy to have you! In regard to your questions:

    1 - Please note that the auto withdrawal feature is not possible to disable for withdrawals to bank accounts in India due to regulations of the area. We apologize for this inconvenience.

    2 - Fees in Payoneer may vary according to each account and permission on them. This is why I won't be able to give you specific rates, but I invite you to read our page dedicated to Payoneer fees, you'll be able to see general fees on this page.
    When making a withdrawal, the conversion rates are based on the buy rate of aggregators such as Reuters and Bloomberg depending on their availability at the time of transfer.

    3 - You'll find information about the maintenance fee in the same page indicated above, or clicking here. This fee will only apply if you have a card in your account.

    If you want more specific answers and personalized service feel free to reach out to our Customer Support Center