Can i transact without Verified Location?

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Hey beautiful people,
If I don't have a verified physical location as I don't want to make new cards right away.
Should I be able to transact from Payoneer to a linked bank account? I haven't used my account for a long while. There were 4 updates

1. "identity verification" which is done
2. "Global payment service questionnaire" under review
3. "Business Profile" under review
4. "Reordering Card" which I'm not interested in verifying right now.

So the main question is What is the minimum verification I need to transact in a linked bank account?


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    Hi @Aloha! Thanks for reaching out :)

    Once your account is approved - meaning balances and bank account details are no longer pending - you should be able to receive payments even if your documents haven't been reviewed yet. We usually review them when you reach a certain level of activity on our platform (mainly by receiving payments). In order to avoid any delays, it's always better to submit all requirements beforehand.

    If you will need our assistance with withdrawing funds, please don't hesitate to contact us :)