what is the benefit of payoneer account for amazon seller

i have USA amazon marketplace, and its accepting my UAE bank account details, so what is the difference if connect my USA amazon marketplace to payoneer a/c rather than my UAE bank account


  • jacksonpercy
    jacksonpercy Member Posts: 2
    Connecting your USA Amazon ERC (European Fulfillment Network) marketplace to your Payoneer account instead of your UAE bank account offers several advantages. First and foremost, using Payoneer allows for smoother and more efficient cross-border transactions. Payoneer is a trusted global payment platform that specializes in facilitating international money transfers, making it easier for you to receive payments from your Amazon sales and withdraw funds in your local currency.

    By linking your USA Amazon ERC https://globaltimeusa.com/amazon-erc/ marketplace to Payoneer, you can enjoy faster payment processing and lower transaction fees compared to traditional bank transfers. Payoneer offers competitive exchange rates, which means you can potentially save on currency conversion costs. Additionally, Payoneer provides a range of flexible withdrawal options, including local bank transfers, prepaid Mastercard, and e-wallets, giving you greater control over your funds and the ability to access them conveniently.

    Furthermore, integrating Payoneer with your USA Amazon ERC marketplace enables you to take advantage of Payoneer's value-added services. For instance, Payoneer offers features like VAT (Value Added Tax) solutions, enabling you to manage your tax obligations seamlessly across different countries. This can be particularly beneficial when selling internationally through Amazon, as it simplifies the complexities of VAT compliance.

    Overall, connecting your USA Amazon ERC marketplace to Payoneer offers you a reliable and efficient payment solution, streamlined cross-border transactions, competitive exchange rates, and additional value-added services. It can enhance your selling experience on Amazon by providing a hassle-free way to manage your funds and navigate the intricacies of international selling.