Hello Payoneer members - how can I pay a company in China using my Payoneer account?

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I am working with production companies in China and I would like to pay for my next production from the money in the Payoneer account - can I make a transfer between accounts? do they have to have a Payoneer account as well?
Is it better if I will have a Payoneer credit card and I will pay with a card?
What are the transaction fees?
Thank you!


  • Kiara_Payoneer
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    Hi @Ultman,

    Regarding the question about making payments to production companies in China using Payoneer, there are two primary options available: "Make a Payment" service or "Pay to Recipient's Account" for a direct bank transfer. Here are both options in detail:

    1. Make a Payment Service:
      With Payoneer's "Make a Payment" service, you can transfer funds between Payoneer accounts. However, it's important to note that both you and the recipient must have Payoneer accounts for this option to work. If your production company in China already has a Payoneer account, this method can be a convenient and swift way to transfer funds.

    2. Pay to Recipient's Account (Direct Bank Transfer):
      Alternatively, you can choose the "Pay to Recipient's Account" option, which allows you to make a direct bank transfer to your production company's bank account. This option doesn't require the recipient to have a Payoneer account. It provides a seamless way to transfer funds to their designated bank account directly.

    As for transaction fees, Payoneer's fees can vary depending on various factors such as the payment method, currency, and recipient's location. To obtain accurate information on transaction fees, I recommend visiting Payoneer's official website.

    I hope this helped!