Can a non-Payoneer customer pay me on Payoneer?

MGilT Member Posts: 4
Hello and good day, I have clients that are not Payoneer and I want them to be able to pay me through you.
Is there a way or procedure for this?
In the past, there was a client who wanted to make me a transfer to the USA and they rejected it.
But from some of your messages, I think there is a way that a client independent of the FreeLancer platforms (like Upwork, Workana, or FreeLancer) can pay me directly to my Payoneer account.
I would be very grateful for this information.


  • Maiy
    Maiy Member Posts: 2
    You will get access to a USD, GBP or EUR account only when you've received payment in the mentioned currency from a paying company or another Payoneer account. Only then would you be able to receive payments from non Payoneer users. This is from my knowledge of Payoneer, I hope it helps.
  • MGilT
    MGilT Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the information, but I have several years with Payoneer and have received payments in my account (USD) on many occasions.
    I have read that if there is a procedure that is what I want to know if someone knows it, since apparently asking Payoneer directly now is almost an impossible mission.