I didn't understand Payoneer's fees either. I sent $20 and there was a deduction of $3.

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Will I be charged $3 every time I send money?

I received information that I need a minimum of $50 to withdraw, but I'm concerned about being charged the $29.90 fee because I've never used this account before.


  • Kiara_Payoneer
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    Hi @Idelson, I understand you are not sure about Payoneer's fees.

    We have put together all the fees applied to your Payoneer account on our website, but also you can access personal fees if you log in and look for the "prices and fees" menu in the bottom left of your home page.

    Regarding withdrawal limits we recommend you to contact our support team, as they may vary according to your registerred bank account

    I hope this helped and if you have further questions, feel free to reach our customer support team.

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    HI there, I have just signed up for a Payoneer account and whenever I log in it sends me to a link with Pricing Fees, which I can never access.

    What are the actual fees for maintaining a Payoneer Account? I only need to use it to cash checks/cheques in USD, and I may convert that to my native currency (AUD). How much does it cost, if I have say, a $1000 USD check, how much will Payoneer take out initially, and how much will I have left if I re-convert that $1000 USD to AUD?