How can I see reference number of a transaction?

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Are Transaction ID and Reference number same?


  • Kiara_Payoneer
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    Hi @tzmughal,

    I understand it can be confusing and you question is very good. Basically no, the Transaction ID and the Reference Number are not the same.

    The Reference Number, also known as the Ticket Number, is a unique identifier used when contacting customer support. It helps the support team locate and track specific inquiries or issues related to your account or transactions.

    On the other hand, the Transaction ID is a different identifier known as the Transfer ID, specifically assigned to each individual transfer or transaction made through your account. It serves as a unique reference for that particular transfer and can be found in your online account's transactions tab.

    In summary, the Reference Number (Ticket Number) is for customer support communication, while the Transaction ID (Transfer ID) is a unique identifier for each specific transaction or transfer you make.

    I hope this helped and if you have further questions feel free to contact our customer support.