How can I get paid by a customer?

I am really battling to get paid by a customer. I tutor English online in 38 countries. I live in South Africa. My student is in the UK. I sent him my receiving account details for the UK but he says he cannot pay me as he needs a sort code/swift code for South Africa. I also suggested he open a Payoneer account so that he can transfer Payoneer to Payoneer. He is my first student to pay me via Payoneer but I'm concerned as there will be many more. What else do I need to do? My students are not businesses but normal individuals/consumers. Regards, Sarah


  • Elena_Payoneer
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    Hi Sarah! Thanks for your message. We are happy that you've chosen us as your payment provider.

    Just keep in mind that Payoneer only allows payments that are Business to Business (B2B). Receiving payments directly from individual customers for products or services is not permitted within our terms and conditions.

    However, if you are teaching your students on a freelance platform, we recommend checking if there is an option to receive payments with Payoneer. This way you can easily get paid by your students.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask us!