Will i be charged inactivity fee?

marincce96 Member Posts: 2
Hi, i made my account last year and i haven't used it for more than 12 months. I have recently logged in and i recieved a message that my fee will be charged within 60 days. So my questions:
1. Will my fee get charged even if i have zero balance on my account?
2. If yes, how will you charge it? From my bank account or other?
3. Does it mean i have i negative balance on my account because of the fee? Will i be i debt to payoneer? Will other future fees be added to a current one?
4. Are you going to send me letter or other notification on my home address because i owe you fee?
5. Can i delete my account or should i first pay you i fee?
6. If i delete my account will i owe still the fee?