Payoneer Exchange rates and exact amount i receive

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Hi All,

I need to accept payment from US individual(not a company) to whom i have given professional services. I have receiving account(In USD) through payoneer.

I want to understand the charges the individual in US have to pay and what exact amount will i get in my linked local Bank account ? Ex. If I need to accept USD 300 from the individual and he pays through his US Bank account to my USD Receiving Account through ACH Transfer what are the charges ? Can someone please correct my below understanding ?

Inidivual transfer to my USD Receiving account : USD 300.
Charges for US Individual : 0 USD
I receive in my USD receiving account : USD 300
Payoneer converts the same to my local back account in 24 hours. Charges : 2% of USD 300 ie. USD 6
Exchange rate used : ?? (Dont know. assume mid market rate in XE is 1USD-Rs. 81, what exchange rate Payoneer give me ?)
INR I receive in local bank account: USD 300-USD 6=USD 294 * 81(assuming i get mid market rate) = Rs. 23814
eFIRC : Free of cost.

Can some one please confirm above ?