How do I create a Payer account?

JasperHewes94 Member Posts: 2
I'm wanting to create an account on here to simply send payments, and not receive. I did not see any option for that when I first was creating my account. From what I saw, you can only create an account if you're selling some kind of service. If there's a way to send payments to someone on here with a Payoneer account, please let me know, because so far, I have not seen it.


  • Kiara_Payoneer
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    Hi @JasperHewes94,

    Thanks for showing interest in signing up as a Payoneer Payer!

    To get started with the registration process, all you have to do is receive a payment request from one of your receivers. Follow these steps after opening the request email:

    1. Click on "Pay Now" within the email.
    2. Fill in your Contact Details in the provided form. At the bottom of the form, you'll find an option to set a password. Creating a password here will establish your Payer account. Your account particulars will be derived from the details you provide in this form.
    3. Complete the payment request.

    Remember, your Payoneer Payer account's username will be the same as the email address you input in the Contact Details form.

    Feel free to reach out to our customer support if you have any further questions or concerns. We're here to assist!