I am travelling from Pakistan to Turkey for 6 months. Can I link Turkish bank account to Payoneer?

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I currently have my Pakistani bank account linked to Payoneer. When I go to Turkey, will I be able to link my new Turkish bank with Payoneer? And then can I withdraw the USD in my Payoneer account to my bank in the form of Turkish Liras?


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    Hi @emanali561,

    Absolutely, you can link your new Turkish bank account to your Payoneer account as long as the bank account is in your name. Payoneer allows users to connect their bank accounts from various countries, including Turkey. Once your Turkish bank account is linked, you can receive funds in the currency your bank account is but note that an exchange rate might be applied.

    It's important to ensure that the bank account details match the information on your Payoneer account to avoid any potential issues. If you encounter any difficulties during the process or have questions about fees and currency conversion rates, I recommend reaching out to Payoneer's customer support for accurate and detailed assistance.