restricted businesses

ben6679 Member Posts: 2
Hi I'm reading the prohibited businesses list but I have a question.

One of the restricted items is:
"Prescription-only products including card-not-present pharmaceuticals"

However, below that it lists:
"Pharmacies or pharmacy referral services, pharmaceuticals and pseudo-pharmaceuticals"

Pharmaceuticals can be over-the-counter medicine, such as common allergy medicine, but also prescription medicine would be a pharmaceutical. Why do they list an umbrella "pharmaceuticals" but also specify Prescription-only pharmaceuticals? I sell over-the-counter medicine on Walmart marketplace, is this a restricted business that they wouldn't allow? Many others also sell this type of product on Walmart marketplace with no issues it seems, but Walmart uses Payoneer for it's disbursements. How do I reconcile Walmart allowing my business but Payoneer saying they don't? It seems Payoneer would cancel my account according to their rules?