Can Payoneer withdrawals/transfers be made to a Thai bank account with a different name?

Gillotine22 Confirm Email, Member Posts: 2
Hello Payoneer Community,

I am new to this platform as I am paid through Payoneer. I am wondering if there is a way to transfer or withdraw funds from Payoneer directly to a Thai bank account with a different name then mine?

For context, I am a Canadian working online in Thailand. While Payoneer seems to have one of the better rates and fees for online payment platforms, I still need to pay about 5+ percent of my earnings to transfer fees. After withdrawing the funds from Payoneer to my Canadian bank and then withdrawing the cash here in Thailand. If possible I would like to withdraw the funds directly to my friends Thai bank account if it's possible and saves me money.

Thank you in advance for your answers. Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated.