Do Payoneer cut both Annual account fee and Payoneer card fee from user?

imranahmadbd Confirm Email, Member Posts: 2
If a user pays $29.95 as an annual fee, Does he have to pay the Payoneer card fee again?


  • Kiara_Payoneer
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    Hi @imranahmadbd,

    Yes, if a user pays the $29.95 annual fee for their Payoneer account, it covers the cost of maintaining the account and accessing Payoneer's services. However, it's important to note that the annual fee does not include the Payoneer card fee, which is a separate charge associated with ordering and activating a Payoneer prepaid Mastercard.

    The Payoneer card fee is a one-time expense that enables users to access their funds conveniently through a physical card. So, while the annual fee covers account maintenance and access to Payoneer's features, the Payoneer card fee is required if the user chooses to order and use the Payoneer card for transactions and withdrawals.

  • Saimoon
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    As payoneer web account is not free anymore, does that mean, I have to pay $29.95 for account yearly charge and $29.95 for card also?

    Plus, I did not ordered a card yet, But if I order my first card and just after receiving the card, I deactivate it, will it still deduct $29.95 for card annual fee?

    I want to have a payoneer card in my hand, but not interested to use right away.
  • uxgagsi
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    Hello people! I am wondering if there are any fees when it comes to ordering a standard Payoneer card? I've already paid my annual fee (30$), will I need to pay anything else to order a physical card? Thanks.