Hello From Madagascar

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Hello, All!

Our family (and business) is French, American and Malagasy. We currently live in Madagascar and run our businesses here. I learned about Payoneer while adjusting payment settings in my Airbnb. Curious who else is using this in Madagascar? How are you using it and for what type of business, clients?

My husband is a formal Tour Operator and we have lodgings. We find it a challenge to take prepayment for our formal business from individuals or groups outside of Madagascar.

I also run a coaching business, right now I use Stripe, but curious if I should add Payoneer.

We use Airbnb (but don't love it) to take reservations for our lodgings in Madagascar. Wondering if through Payoneer we good just have people reserve and book directly with us (skip Airbnb).

Stripe is fine (I am happy with it) but I cannot get paid to Madagascar, it goes to a US account.