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Receiving Google AdSense payments in Payoneer Business Account

Imalka Member Posts: 2
I have a question regarding receiving payments from Google AdSense into my Payoneer business account. I've been using Payoneer for my online business transactions, and now I'm looking to streamline my income by receiving AdSense earnings directly into my Payoneer account.

Has anyone successfully set up Google AdSense payments to go into their Payoneer business account?

What steps did you follow to link your Payoneer account with Google AdSense for payments?

Are there any fees or considerations I should be aware of when transferring AdSense earnings to Payoneer?

How long does it typically take for AdSense payments to appear in your Payoneer account?
Are there any specific requirements or documentation needed to facilitate this process?

I appreciate any insights, tips, or personal experiences you can share on this matter. Thank you in advance for your help!

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