I'd love Payoneer to work with Ukash and Paysafecard

I thin it would be good if payoneer would work with ukash and paysafecard. Ukash and paysafecard are prepaid cards which you can buy at many stores. You get the code which you redeem and then receive the balance. Would be pretty good for payoneer and this seems like a possible idea.Many payment gateways already use this such as Neteller, Viabuy and many others...


  • paymepalpaymepal Member Posts: 9

    What exactly is the difference between the two?  I am actually only familiar with the paysafecard... since they are both prepaids I would assume they are fairly similar? no?

    But I definitely agree - Prepaid cards should be accepted in more platforms - i find them the safest and quickest way to pay.  No personal info, no registration or verification necessary! ;)

  • doomsayerdoomsayer Member Posts: 4

    yes, i am actually curious about the difference between the two payment methods too. I know Psc, but i just stumbled upon payoneer right now and decided to search info. Can anyone point out the differences?

  • paymepalpaymepal Member Posts: 9

    So i found a bit of time to do some research on the matter as the "starter" of this thread seemed to have abandoned it and I was still interested in the subject...

    anyways - its seems that both are in fact prepaid cards that can be bought at various stores and gas stations.  You excahnge money for a numeric (i think) code and can then use this on various platforms.

    The main difference is A) where the "codes" are for sales, and more importantly on which platform which company is accepted.

    I have found that the paysafecard is more widely accepted than its counterpart and therefore probably also the better option.

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