Report Scammer/Hijacker

I want to tell the society about a scammer/hijacker .


Here is how he works: 


The user of Payoneer with account "[email protected]"  yesterday created a project on oDesk (


Then he suggests freelancers to talk in Skype about the project. He uses the following skype names: david.daimond and also steve.jobs356 


In skype he says: I want to check that you are a real person, not a hijacker. I will send you a code via mobile phone and you tell me it in order to prove, you provide the correct info.


Well, he does not sends the code ;-)  Instead he goes to google and presses recover my account via phone. (he enters  the emails of  persons he scams, like me for example).

So you got on your mobile an sms but not with some code from Daimond, but from google for account recovery, and gives the scammer this info. So he can change the password on your gmail account.


Then he starts to demand money for the password from your gmail account. (in the same time he starts to also change passwords on freelancer sites, which are assigned to your email).


Luckily I was able to return my google account back again via phone before he changed it. But I believe there maybe people who did not :(



1) To community - please do not repeat the mistake I made. DO NOT tell anyone any sms code you get. Even if a person says it was he who sent it.


2) To payoneer stuff - please test this person and money loads to him - I believe those who send money to him are victims of his black work.



Here is the screenshot of a talk with him (if needed I can provide to Payoneer stuff the full log of our talk with this person)clipboard042.png:







  • RomiRomi Community Manager Member Posts: 2,706 ✭✭✭

    Hi - thank you for the heads up and the warning to the entire Payoneer community.

    We will forward this to the relevant department and will monitor his account to see what's going on.


    Please, everyone - never give out details about your account or card to anyone. Keep your info safe and be very careful when people ask you for codes or other information.


    Wonderkid - you can also contact oDesk's support and notify them about this, since we are dealing with oDesk workers. They can help out.


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