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Dear ME,

Your application was declined because we are unable to approve accounts for applicants who are under 18. If you believe this is a mistake, please reply this email with a scanned copy of your government issued ID. You can send your driver's license, passport, national ID, or military ID. If your ID is in a different language than English, we prefer an international passport.



Payoneer Customer Support




I can only recommend Payoneer starts updating their Terms and Conditions, contrary to popular belief there are actually individuals like myself at 17 years of age who actually reads it prior to registering.


Honestly, you guys need to add that with regards to age and stop wasting peoples time, especially considering I've wasted a week when I could've easily gone elsewhere to receive payments and fulfill my valuable time. Anyway, I'm not going to let this bother me anymore. Maybe I'll be back when I'm 18, maybe not after the length it takes to be notified about something so simple.




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    I'm really sorry for any inconvenience caused. I do hope you'll stick with us when you turn 18, and in addition I've passed your feedback on to our account approvals department.




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