Hi... nice to meet you too

Hi,one year ago i registration of my account in payoneer when i join instaforex. But i think i can't do trading so i'm not use my card, i'm not do anything with my card. And now i join with stiforp so i need this card, because in training i must do the registration payoneer but when i do that its doing error registration 'cause they say i was registration. Before i continue my story I have 3 e-mail addreas and all email active. I join with instaforex with [email protected], then i join with stiforp with [email protected], one e-mail addreas in [email protected]

Sometimes when provider or social network need another e-mail addreas i give one of them.


I've been check my account in payoneer then i see that i'm in the step 2 after registration.

Thank you please help me.


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