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As of yet I've made two transactions from Elance and one from Freelancer but the private loads have not been activated till yet. It would be great if someone could help answer the following:


1) What amount of a high enough amount would be sufficient to enable back private loads? Or what amount of activity would be high enough? I know there might not be a specific number to these two, but could you provide an approximate/rough figure? Anything would do please.


2) How many private loads or what amount of private loads are allowed before this limitation of private load option not supported comes to card?


3) Also, has the policy for Payoneer's private loads changed? Like I remember that with private loads, if one has had activity with partner within the year then the private loads did not get blocked till it was over a year or something like that. Is that the same? In other words, what is the estimate date after an activity with your official partner that private loads get blocked? Or how much time passes after an activity with your official partner when the card will stop receiving private loads and we have to make an activity? And will you guys inform us with email before private loads get blocked so that we can make a official activity before blockage of private loads?


4) Do I have to have more activity from all the partners sites my card is connected to like Elance and Freelancer or would making it from one site suffice?


Again I totally understand there might not be exact figures/limits to these questions, but a rough estimation would do. A rough estimate would be really great. I understand that the main purpose of the card is to be used with official partner but a lot of us also use it, along with using with your partner sites, for other things so figures or estimate figures would be really great.




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    Please read what Nissim said here


    Please contact support at and they will enable your private loads option.

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    Thanks for passing that along. I understand what Nissim said about not being inactive for 6 months and we'd be ok. Regarding the policies being not changed, I called customer support a few days back and asked the same validity question there and the lady told me that some Payoneer policies have changed regarding private loads. Nissim or someone else mind putting light on this? Who is correct regarding the policies here?


    I got a reply in my previous posting here on forums from Nissim after I had my first payout after the private loads being blocked, that my load amount or activity wasn't high enough. Now, I made another payout today from Elance, making it 3 payouts from Elance and 1 from Freelancer = 4 total payouts and my card STILL does not accept private loads.


    I would really appreciate an answer to the questions in my original posting please because whatever is stated wherever elsewhere. when applied practically, is falling short. This is getting frustrating and there is nothing absolutely that states what the right amount or payout or activity on a card is and for how long does the private loads stay active. In my last posting I've been waiting for an answer for many days so I decided to post in a new thread altogether hoping to get a clear answer to this.



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    Policies and requirements change every now and then, and fluctuate due to regulation issues and internal requirements.

    It has to do with being actively receiving payments which is reflected both in the number of payments and the aggregated amount of payments - since this changes we cannot pinpoint a specific figure for how many payments you need to receive or in what amount. All I can advise is to keep receiving payments and the option will open up eventually.


    (These rules are set so that customers do not use the private loading service for unauthorized or random payments)


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