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Hope someone can assist. This is not the first withdrawal I have done between PayPal to Payoneer - in fact it's my 4th one already (if I count quickly in my mind)... 

All other times it took a max of 48hours approximately to clear to my account. This time though it's been  days now.. is there something that's changed that payments are now delayed so long? 

One of the brilliant findings I had with Payoneer was that I could access my finances so much faster using this method as opposed to a 7-10 working day wait it would usually take to withdraw from paypal to my normal SA bank account - it was the perfect solution to free the money a lot easier, cheaper and faster but now it seems it will take the same length of time suddenly.


Please could one of the staff of Payoneer assist me on this soonest on what I can do to release the monies 'fast and swiftly' once more? contacting the online support earlier this eve didn't really offer much of an answer or solution - i simply got quoted the manual on what to tell the client :-(


First time I am disappointed in Payoneer and it's sad cause it's been such a brilliant service thus far - I truly hope it's just a simple solution we can find and that I can access the funds faster than the feared 7plus waiting i now face :- (




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    I'm sorry to hear you're disappointed with us.

    I see you've contacted customer support and they will definitely take care of this and look into it in order to assist you in the best way possible.


    The payment you're referring to was made July 19th. It usually takes a few business days to process these payments and since it is the weekend now, you're experiencing this delay, so to speak. The payment is under review and customer support are working on it. Please wait 24-48 hours to be contacted.


    Thank you for your patience.


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