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Nissim if you are around i would like your help.
I was subscribed to a service in a website 3 months ago. I only desired to be subscribed for 3 months. Today i receive an email stating that my recurring payment has been done. I did not receive any emails beforehand reminding that a recurring payment is gonna be done on july 20, if i did i would have cancelled that option i wasnt aware i had active. The payment is now in my preauthorization list, but i dont want to allow this payment to be done. Can i cancel it?

Thank you in advance for your help


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    I can help you out :)


    Which website are you referring to? If you had a subscription to an external website you'll have to talk to them about cancelling payments. Only after you talk to them and clear this with them they can reverse the payments you weren't aware of.


    Good luck!


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