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2 questions regarding my account:


1. Can i use paypal with my payoneer prepaid card? and transfer money from paypal to the card?

2. How can i remove a partner from my account?




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    Hi Tal,


    1. In order to transfer money from a PayPal account to your Payoneer card, you'll need to sign up for the US Payment Service. Application is open to all Payoneer cardholders, and subject to approval by our US Payment Service department. To apply, submit a request using our online e-mail form:

    Category: US Payment Service
    Subject: What is the US Payment Service? How do I apply?
    2. If you wish to remove a partner, please contact customer support:
    Let them know this is what you want, fully explain the situation to them (why you want to remove) and they will review it.


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