Re-Review of U.S. Payment service accounts?

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Hi Guys,


I got my Payoneer U.S. Payment service approved for a while now. I have also received a few payments from my Skrill/Moneybookers account through my Payoneer U.S. bank account. Payment always arrived in time (5-6 days) and never had any problem.


Recently, actually a few days ago, I made a withdrawal from my Paypal account to my Payoneer U.S. bank account. I am still expecting this payment to arrive at my card, and Paypal says this payment is already processed. Surprisingly, a few hours ago, I got an email from Payoneer that my account is under "Re-Review" and I need to provide the same informations I have already provided while appling for U.S. Payment service .... Again !!



Upon a re-review of our active US Payment Service accounts, we are requesting that you please provide us with the following information:

  1. What services or products do you offer (include website URLs if applicable)?
  2. Please provide us with direct web links showing some examples of your products, services and other online activity. Please make sure the links include mention of your name or shows your relation to the product/service.
  3. Please send us a screenshot of your online account with the company you wish to receive payments from (e.g.: PayPal, Amazon, Skrill, etc.). The screenshot should include your name and account balance.


Now I am a little frustated and worried. It would be too much of a coincident if you think that Payoneer is "Re-Reviewing" all of their active U.S. payment accounts just at the time when a payment from my Paypal account should arrive. It makes much more sense that Payoneer freezed my payment from Paypal and asking for the same informations (for some reason way beyond my understanding) .. again?


Well that leads to the series of next questions:


01. Have I done something wrong? I have no idea!

02. Why they didn't asked for those informations when I sent payments from my Skrill account?

03. Why asking exactly the same information they already asked before approving my application? They already have the answers for it!


What more informations am I suppossed to provide? I have provided exactly the same informations I  provided at the first time (except new screenshots from Paypal and Skrill), and they were must be satisfactory enough for them to approve my U.S. payment service. What changed now?


Anyone else got that "Re-Review" email? I would like to know if I am under the rader alone because I made a withdrawal from Paypal or everyone else is actually under re-review as Payoneer said!


Payoneer suppossed to be customer-friendly, secure and hassle-free. My experience with them so far says the same. Never had a problem or any BS until now. When I send my hardworking earnings to Payoneer, I say to myself that my money is in good hands. Is Payoneer getting changed? Are we going to burried under some BS process every now and then we try to do something ? That would be very sad and frustated because I love Payoneer the way it is, and I would never want it to change or turn into another Paypal.


No matter how I think, this "Re-review" thing makes no sense. Dear Payoneer, please "Re-approve" my U.S. payment service and clear my payments as soon as you can, becasue I am in ungent need of money and I hope I can depend on you. (Ticket code is LTK1215303962287X)


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    Hi - first of all I'm sorry that you feel frustrated and unhappy with the service.

    Just as a precaution and a standard procedure, we review our USPS customers - to make sure their details haven't been compromised etc.


    I see you've replied to our customer support yesterday, so please allow up to 4 business days for them to reply. Sorry again for your inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


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