two questions for day to day use of Payoneer

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I am a new member to the Payoneer comunity and a active card user.


But recently (today) a question came to my mind ...

Is there a posibility that i can see in my transactions list a detailed explanation of the ammounts?

I would like to see what is the conversion fee for the transaction (the rate that was used by the ATM's bank to convert the money from USD to my currency) and the other taxes (the fixed transaction fee and the variable percent for Mastercard transaction). I need to see these in order to determine the best exchange rate and to make a good choice for a usable ATM(bank).

I am preety sure that the bank (any bank) i using a lot more huger exchange rate for cash widrawal that the one officially stated. So this info is valuable.


The second one is :


Can i receive a payment from a regular Paypal user? (not my own account) If yes, is there a guide or something...?

I have to receive some money from a client and he uses only Paypal, and unfortunatelly my Paypal got stuck ... btw, this is the reason i got here.


I am sorry for the long post and for any mis-typing. I would also like for you to excuse me (and point in the right direction) if these questions are already answered in other posts.


Thank you in advance and best regards.





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    If you log in to your account on Payoneer, in the general information tab you'll find the pricing and fees associated with your account (ATM withdrawals, transaction fees etc).

    When you withdraw for any ATM that supports MasterCard, the conversion fees are the same according to the MasterCard conversion rates which you can find here:


    Is your PayPal stuck regardless of Payoneer? Or are you having trouble linking your PayPal to your Payoneer account? If you haven't applied for the USPS you can see all the details about it here:


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    Thank you Romi for the fast reply,


    I do log in after each load and withdrawal to my account and by now i learned by heart the standard taxes and fees, but i need to see specific information for each transaction (not the loads ... ). I checked also the standard conversion rates (from Mastercard) but they do not add up with what i am calculating by my self ... so there is a discrepancy.

    This is why i am asking to see the ammount that i take out from the ATM broken down in the transaction list.


    If you want we can start a PM conversation and i can share with you some exact ammounts.


    The other one ...

    My PayPal is stuck from other reason, it is regardles of Payoneer. The Payoneer is an alternative to Paypal for me. I do not want to link those two.

    My client has an PayPal account and i need to know if he can send to me a payment to my Payoneer account directly from his PayPal.

    I do not want to apply for other services or to make for my self other accounts, so USPS is not for me.





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    Whatever information is available in your "My Account" page is the information we can give you regarding ATM fees, annual fees, transaction fees and such. If a specific ATM has a charge - we aren't responsible for it and cannot foresee it. You usually get a message on your ATM screen about certain bank charges, etc. Note that there are also fees for declined ATM withdrawals which may occur from time to time. I cannot see or show you more than this.


    Regarding PayPal - you can only transfer funds from your own PayPal account to your Payoneer card after you've received the US Payment Service and linked these two together. Your client cannot pay you on Payoneer through his PayPal. I'm sorry, but these are our terms and regulations. You cannot create more than one account for yourself on Payoneer, but this would be just applying for the USPS. If you don't wish to do so, there's not really another option I can offer you.


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    I know you can not forsee any specific ATM (bank) charge or surcharge, and i am used with the declined ATM withdrawals (i had some of these lately), but after i take out the cash in my currency you're (as in Payoneer) not receiving any information on how to divide the percentages? I mean that the system knows to take the fixed transaction fee (as it is stated in my "pricing and fees" list) and the system is also sending a variable percentage to Mastercard of up to 3% for the ammount i am taking out.

    I know all this info is sent back to you (Payoneer) after (or even during) my withdrawals.

    And the tip of this "iceberg" is shown in the transactions list in a 6 hours time frame (usually faster).

    In short words ... i am saing is that it would be nicer if you'll share this information with your users and fees payers.


    Regarding PayPal is all clear now.

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    Thank you for the suggestion - I'll be sure to pass it on and we might implement it at some point.


    If you need any help with other issues don't hesitate to reach out!


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