Rewards earned, but not available on Account

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since middle of last week, in the affiliate dashboard my counter changed from 1 reward earned to 2 rewards earned (not pending).


but in my payoneer account was only on payment some weeks ago, and the second earned reward is not  yet in my account.


can you help me and tell whats going wrong?


Regards from Germany



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    no changing since my post. On the affiliate Dashboard there are 2 under "Rewards Earned", but no payment for second reward.


    Is there a mistake in my thinking? If "Rewards Earned" thats not the situation which is described here 




    It can take up to 7 business days for the 25 USD bonus to be loaded to your account after the Refer a Friend threshold is reached.


    In my thought, "Rewards Earned" is the term for recieved a payment. Is that right?


    Is that a situation for that i should write a support ticket?


    Some answers from the group of payoneer staff here?


    Thanks in advance and kind regards from germany

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    Please send an e-mail to [email protected] with a screenshot and we will assist you.



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    Thanks for assistance and have a nice weekend

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