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I have been using my payoneer card for a few years now, for both purchases and cash withdrawal. It was working fine until yesterday when my ATM withdrawal was rejected in Malaysia. I tried at ATMs from a few different banks and the result was the same. I did a similar cash withdrawal in Thailand just last week and it worked just fine.  


Has anyone had a similar experience, or knows the reason behind this ?




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    The reason could be that either you had insufficient funds to withdraw money (including transaction fee, conversion fee and such) or that the specific ATMs you tried using do not accept MasterCard. Also, there is a limit of withdrawal per day - both in the amount and the number of withdrawals.


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    Thanks for the reply, Romi. I managed to find a bank that allows withdrawals. Its just a bit odd that the bank that I'm used to using has stopped working. 


    Is there any way I can check the maximum daily withdrawal amount, and is there any way I can change it ? 

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    Yes, It's happening the same with me, it ejects my card without proceeding. And yes, I'm using my card for half a year, exactly the same, never made a purchase, always have sufficient funds! 

    And I'm from Slovenia. You should be aware of this, because it's obviously happening to a lot of people! :S

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    Tried again today, resolved. :)

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