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I'm not very happy with the level of support I received during the past week.


Here's what happened.


I signed up for the Virtual ACH service ever since it started 2 or 3 years ago. I paid $99 every year to maintain the service, which I was very happy with until a week ago.


I withdrew a certain amount of money from PayPal, thinking it would be usual business. However, when the money arrived, I got an email saying I have to complete a US Payment Service survey to activate my US Payment Service account. I was a bit confused, but ok, I went through with the survey and submitted it. Then I received this email from Ben. I assume this is an automated message:


Dear Thang Long,

Your ticket code is LTK1215303920149X. Please use this code in any further communication.

We see that you have a pending payment, however your US Payment Service has not yet been verified. We would like to assist you in verifying the service so that the pending payment can be completed and funded to your card.

In order to verify your US Payment Service, please provide us with a full screenshot of your PayPal account profile and your PayPal incoming payments history page showing payments from www.[redacted].org.



Payoneer Customer Support

I replied to that email (because there's no other instruction as to how I can contact Ben):



Hi Ben,

I don't mean to make your work harder, but I'm curious why do I have to complete all these steps? I've been using your Virtual US account service since it first started in 2009, and I paid 99 dollars per year for this feature. Was there any change in your policy? Why am I not notified at all about this change?

I withdrew some money from my PayPal account to my Payoneer account, thinking it would be business as usual. However I had to go through with the verification phase, where I had to answer a survey. That's totally fine, I did it, but I couldn't find any information on your website regarding further verification with screenshots of my PayPal account and incoming payments history. Why is this necessary? If you want to verify my ID, that's totally fine, but requiring me to divulge my personal finance data is probably unnecessarily a step too far?

Again, I'm not trying to make your work harder. I just need to know if there has been a change in policy of Virtual US account. Any changes regarding fees, policy, or verification process should have been communicated clearly to me before it went into effect. If there is reasonable cause for requiring screenshots of my PayPal account, I'll happily comply, but I need to know why.

[Also included Ben's original message with the support code]


I haven't received any communication from Payoneer since, and the money has not been released in my account.


I'm very upset about this because:


  1. I've been using Virtual Account ACH for years without any problems. Suddenly you changed or removed the original Virtual Account ACH service without any communication with me, a paying customer. I'm not aware of any of these changes until the money has been withdrawn from my PayPal account. I have no idea where to start, what I'm expected to pay for this new US Payment Service, is there any difference etc. It just seems like I've been forced to automatically accept whatever changes you made, and while I believe you mean well, the way you're handling this does not look good.
  2. I already verified my identification years ago when I signed up for Virtual Account ACH service. Why do I need to do it again?
  3. If you do indeed require me to provide my PayPal details, at least explain why and for what purpose you're using this information for. Do you just need to know that I own the PayPal account? If so, the screenshot of the money withdrawal order, rather than my transaction history, should be enough?
  4. There is clearly something wrong with your support system. I waited a week and haven't got any replies from you since. Did I do anything wrong? I have no idea.


Since I can't get any support via email, I hope I'll get some feedback from you in this forum.




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