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Can someone tell me how to enable private loads?

Chat operators told me it is blocked due to inactivity, that is I am not getting paid through main partners


I know, main purpose is to work with partners,


I transfered money from main partners to payoneer, but it is still not activated

again asked from chat operators,

they mentioned the amount you transferred was insufficient.


What amount should I transfer from main partners? what amount will be sufficient?

Is the amount important? or number of transfers?


chat operators mentioned

This is a case by case basis, everytime you receive a payment, the appropriate department reviews your account and decides if you are eligible for private loads


What requirements should we met in order to be eligible for private loads?

What criteries should we met?

Which countries are more eligible to private loads? which nations? etc..


You should send email notifications before disabling private loads

and set the rules, 

transfer at least $200 in 4 months

or to do 4 transfers in 4 monhts


At the moment it is a puzzle

Can someone help me to solve the puzzle?







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    No countries are more or less eligible. We require that any customer be active in receiving partner payments before he is eligible for private loads - this is due to partner payments being the main focus, as you said.

    Due to international regulations and rules we must follow, these requirements change all the time and thus cannot be set permanently. As customer support told you, it is also a case by case issue, which we review each time, for every individual.


    You must be actively receiving payments over a period of time, so we see that you're using the card for its main purpose. Once your activity is high enough you will see the private loads option open up. This is the best explanation we can give you.


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