[ask] Can I Have More Than One Payoneer Account

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1. Can i create a new Payoneer account as much as i like and with the same identity?

Because as i know, i see if i apply the new debit card on your partner then I can not get a debit card that they offer (CMIIW), and I want to get a debit card for it so I have a different debit card.

2. What happens if my balance is zero? if deactivate, how can i reactivate that?




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    Hi BoyGR,

    Though it is technically possible to open multiple Payoneer accounts using the same name (with different e-mail addresses) it's highly recommended to merge your partner/affiliate accounts that pay via Payoneer onto the same Payoneer card. This is much easier to manage an organize, and additionally is far more cost effective for you.

    If you're referring to applying for a non Payoneer card in addition to the Payoneer card, that's something you'd need to confirm with the partner program (having multiple active payment methods).

    Your account will not be shut down if the balance reaches zero. As the card is prepaid, you'd simply have to wait until you receive another payment before you can use it again. If the account is completely inactive for 6 months it will be disabled, after which time you can contact our Customer Support department to have it re-enabled.

    Thanks ;)
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    Thanks for your help Nissim :)
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