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I've made withdraw of $284 from paypal to my Payoneer account at 19 July 2013 and PayPal stated "Transfer Completed".
I said this means they just initiate the transfer and within couples of days will get it into my payoneer.
then now at 25 July i have the funds in my payoneer and it still waiting for approval !!
Payment waiting for approval
Payment ID: 7387918
can you please check it or contact me as soon as possible if you need any documentation or proof for this payment?
Thank you


  • Bilal SheikhBilal Sheikh Online Freelancer Posts: 92VIP Member ✭✭

    Did you completed the "Questionnaire"? You should submit the Payoneer USPS questionnaire. When your USPS service was approved you got an email. Check your email that says "Receive payments from PayPal, Amazon, and more to your US account via  Payoneer’s US Payment Service!" in subject line. In that email you will found a link to submit USPS Questionnaire.


    Keep in mind that USPS appoved is not mean verified. You will need to be verified your USPS. And PayPal payment automatically loaded in verified USPS.


    If you already submitted the questionnaire and if already verified then your PayPal payment will be loaded of-course within a few days. Don't worry ! Your money will never lost. Be patient.

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    Hi Luis,

    Please note that we received the payment onto our system only on July 22nd (due to the weekend which doesn't count as business days).

    I also saw that you've spoken to a customer support rep yesterday, who told you the payment is under review.

    I can see that you've received many payments to your card, so please allow the time to review this current one. It should be approved very soon, if there are no issues. Once it is approved you will be notified by email.


    Thank you for your patience!


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