How to Load money in payoneer debit master card

hi all

finally i got my new debit payoneer master card.The thing is i want to load money on my card but i cant load the money. I googled everywhere but couldnt find the solution.

So desperately want to know that how to load my debit card. Actually the card comes under us payment service and their are list of companies where i can get money but the problem is how and who will send me damm money ? i have a cousin in usa and he has a credit card . So can i use his card to load the money.


Please help on this as i have waited a 3 months to use this service . 

Looking for quick help


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    The focus of Payoneer is helping companies and businesses (our partners) pay their employees and freelance workers. If you're not working for a specific company that is our partner, you may use something called the US payment service (which needs to be applied for and verified) in order to receive money from companies in the US such as Amazon, Ebay, Paypal, etc.

    We do not support private payments or money transfers between family/friend/yourself. You cannot just load money onto the card, this money has to be some sort of payroll/payment for work you've completed for a company.


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