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I ordered a payoneer card, but my application was declined for no reason. I emailed customer support (ticket # LTK1215303944071X ). I was asked to send a copy of a government issued photo ID, to further review my application.


But they left my other questions unanswered which is:

1. Why was my application declined?

2. How can I edit or make corrections to the profile written in my application such as name, shipping address, etc, if there was a mistake, before my application is being reconsidered?


After reading some threads in this forum, I assume that I can edit my profile in my account (please correct me if I'm wrong). But the problem is , I can't login to my account, it was blocked (#MA104) ever since I applied. I have emailed customer support about this (ticket # LTK1215303944290X ), but there's no reply till now and it's been a week.

So I don't know what to do now. I can't login to my account to see and make sure all the information in my profile is correct or do I need to edit and make corrections to it, if there was any mistakes written by accident.  So after I can login  into my account and make sure all information I provided in my application is correct, then I can send my national ID to reconsider my application. Please help me here.

Thank you.


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    Please don't worry - once you've contacted customer support and they will verify your details, you'll regain access to your account and be able to correct the wrong information. Please send over the information we've asked for (ID copy and the name of the company from which you intend to receive payments) and we will be able to continue reviewing your request.


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