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Reference number: LTK1215301154645X


For this referrence number, I have been chasing the payoneer customer service team for almost more than 6 months to add Elance ID with my existing freelancer issued payoneer card.

Earlier years, Elance wont allow us to add them with any other existing payoneer cards. But they have changed their ToS few months back and since then while I trying to add it with my existing card, I got error. I've sent hundreds and hundreds of mails so far and still no action has been taken yet! :(


Also vWorker and Scriptlance are no more in the business. I dont know why Payoneer still keeps them in the list?!


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    I'm sorry for the long delay in your inquiry and requests. I see that you've sent many emails but please note that after each email you reply to, it usually takes around 4 business days for customer support to see them and contact you back. Currently, I see your request is under review in the relevant department and you will be contacted within a few business days.


    Sorry again for the delay and thank you for your patience.


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    I understand it took 4 or 5 days. But I am getting the same questions again and again and again repeatedly almost 6 to 7 times so far from the same team under the same referrence number.

    Finally got a mail today with the same question again and I have sent the reply. I hope it will get resolved soon! :-)

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